Head to the bottom of this post for the latest in musical updates….the next concert is scheduled for 5:30PM, November 13th, 2018.

When you are stuck in a hole there is nothing more enlightening than to know there are people who care.

And so when the greatest force for transparency (and truth) of the 21st century is in a hole (the Ecuadorian Embassy) trapped by the great (sic) war mongering nations (america and great britain, both rife with certified war criminals) its time to step up to the plate, my friends.

Julian Assange has essentially been imprisoned for the past 6 years, first on the pretext of spurious Swedish allegations and currently by a minor bail violation–both pretexts for extradition to the USA that will certainly result in a sentence of prison for life.

Never mind the fact that Julian does what all other news outlets practice–publish documents. like the publishing of the pentagon papers which the supreme court of the USA declared perfectly legal; well, Julian was just a bit more successful and well, annoying to the current crop of war mongers. hence the need to silence him.

So as of March 28, 2018 Julian has had not been allowed any visitors (besides his lawyers) and his Internet and phone service have been cut off. he is effectively in solitary confinement. a dark hole, devoid of that which we all take for granted every day outside the Ecuadorian Embassy. like sunlight, the wind, friends and freedom.

This is a completely unacceptable position for a man deserving of a Nobel peace prize. a man who has done more for showing truth the light of day than anyone since Daniel Elsberg blew the whistle on the scam (a succession of war crimes) that was the american war in Vietnam.

THE POINT: to make Julian’s hours inside the embassy just a bit more bearable; i am calling on musicians everywhere to perform live music outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to provide a modicum of beauty to an otherwise bleak existence inside the embassy.

Whether it be an Irish reel, a choir, lively chamber music, or a full orchestra to serenade a solitary political prisoner (inside the embassy) a man who would be profoundly grateful for your support. this is not a situation that is going to last forever. but it may takes weeks or months to reach a satisfactory conclusion. until that time i invite anyone and everyone capable of carrying a tune to support Julian Assange and join the movement to provide a weekly (at least) concert for a man who is desperately alone–up against the most powerful and corrupt forces on the planet.

So we have a genius stuck in a bottle, and you can make that travesty of justice just a bit more humane. something that you will never forget and will be eternally grateful for having been a part of.

Stand up for truth. stand with Julian. and come out and join the concert(s) of a lifetime. with enough support the war mongers will have no choice but to let justice be done, and Julian will be able to join the concert from outside the embassy. Free at Last

Please provide me with your solo or ensemble details and when you are available. we will maintain a calendar to coordinate musicians and concerts. a song or two in honor of Julian’s predicament would make a HUGE difference–and whose ubiquitous performances would ensure that noone within hearing distance can ignore this gross injustice any longer.

thanks, gordon parnell

Here’s what we have so far:

Kudos to Alex Taylor who i understand has already performed outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and was very well received. Well received by Julian at any rate. Not so much by the diplomatic police who are under orders to aggressively harass all his supporters. . . Alex shares the following links:


and his interview on Australian TV. . . .


Meg Sherman teamed up with Alex to produce her Lennonesque ballad (Dreaming Of Heaven, below) with a magic E chord shift for Julian and Chelsea. This song and others should be available on iTunes Spotify and the like next week and she will be sending half of the proceeds from her LP to Julian’s defense.

meg (ms3g11@gmail.com) is proposing to perform the following songs for Julian (if you would like to participate, let her know!):

1) Dreaming Of Heaven (original)
2) Time Is A Teacher (original)
3) In A Manger (original)
4) Imagine (cover)
5) Jealous Guy (cover)
6) Happy Xmas (war is over) (cover)
We would invite maximum participants for the chorus of war is over. Again, join us  November 13 (weather permitting) for some great music at the embassy!


And we have already had some great publicity thanks to Jacob Jarvis at the Standard in the UK.


So how about supporting our latest musical lion: François Bessing. he will be in  London on November 18th and staying until November 27th.

Here are some of his performances. please join us to support his hugely powerful call to action.

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/francoisbessing

Spiritual Acoustic Cover: https://youtu.be/f_VgIX5JzDo

Italian Art song: https://youtu.be/gRP7ii6m08A

Operatic Aria: https://youtu.be/iFgWdZ8lk84

Background vocals live sample: https://youtu.be/2EnX0-wYfW4

Negro Spiritual: https://youtu.be/11AMyZQSW7g